omyourlife | Some Info About Us
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Some Info About Us

With over 15 years of accumulative entrepreneurial, social & spiritual experience we put strategies in place to grow your business, enrich the planet and enhance your soul.

What We Do

We are a team who aim to make you happy, to strive to be the best that you can be, to gift the earth with your talents and to achieve success and true fulfillment while doing so through our experience and industry know how.
How many of you are ready to break through your business and personal limitations?
How much is it going to cost you and your loved ones, by not investing in yourself?

  • Start Up Acceleration

    Zero based thinking strategies are implemented in your business. Leaders in the field of entrepreneurship guide you along your path to business growth

  • Investment Opportunities

    Our unique investment portfolio is sure to peak your interest. Each opportunity has a conscious fibre that runs through it. Forget the usual money making schemes

  • Finding Purpose

    Back to basics on the transformational coaching front. Identifying your passion and purpose and live out your hierarchy of values. Your soul knows best.

  • Mindfulness & Mindset

    Ancient Eastern practice of mindfulness training goes hand in hand with modern day understanding of neuroscience. Merge these two and achieve unheard of success.

  • Conscious Social Development

    Who doesn’t want to implement social change and have a role to play? Think out of the box, and start creating a business that solves social economic issues as well as increases your net worth

  • Incubate & Educate

    The integrity of our community lies in how well we share information. Providing well thought out educational programs for the youth that seem to understand more than anything the importance of sustainability through being resourceful. Each one teach one.

How we do what we do:

  • Seminars

    • If you’re a seminar, conference or self help junkie, love networking, getting information and knowledge for free, then you are going to LOVE our seminars. We host seminars globally and align with entrepreneurial masterminds in the seminar industry to present to you our subject matter
    • With entrepreneurial & industry leader masterminds

  • Talks

    • These are informal sessions hosted for our community that discuss matters close to our heart. They are an opportunity for collaboration, networking and learning in a fun, relaxed environment held at different venues around the country and most often than not incorporated with our Yana Warrior Weekends, where we incorporate, yoga, breathing, meditation and all things good!

  • Workshops

    • Each of the topics discussed at seminar level are constructed into workshops. Be a step ahead in the personal development game, increase your knowledge and invest in your future.

  • Spiritual Retreats

    • If you are that person who has reached a cross -roads and truly has no idea where to turn we would suggest a journey within on our spiritual retreats. These in our opinion are the foundation to changing your life. We have a choice of 3. . . take your pick

  • Sacred Ceremonies

    • Through the use of Gaia’s pharmacy we facilitate a safe, controlled environment where we go back to our ancient roots and guide participants along their journey through altered states of consciousness, with the use of entheogens. “Generating the divine within”

  • 1 Year To Enlightenment

    • Each business has their golden nugget. This is ours. It is a truly unique, hand crafted 12 month program that assists in your soul journeys transformation. We are in a constant state of gratitude to be able to present you with this life changer.

  • Kids Consciousness Camps

    • We have a rise of children that are increasingly becoming disconnected. Remember the feeling of swinging from the Tarzan ropes, going on cookouts and being part of a team? Well we host programs for the kids that include old school traditions with new school teachings and philosophies.

  • Coaching & Webinars

    • The only way to get better at anything is to take advice from someone who’s been there and done that. Whether it is life coaching in general or specific to your business or a start up, our coaches are up to date with trends and coach to impress. After all, your success is our success!
    • If you’re an on the move kind of person, get the information on the go, with our well-designed webinars

  • Keynote and Inspirational Speaker

    • Om Your Life founder Brigitte Heeb is a skilled, motivating and entertaining public speaker. She speaks on behalf of her company at entrepreneurial seminars as well as in her own personal brand capacity. She is making her presence known in the educational arena and will gladly speak to your delegates and guests

  • Workplace Wellness

    • These are not run of the mill, sausage factory solutions. We take pride in supplying and designing your organisation with the best consciousness programs on the market.

  • Mindset Training and Facilitation

    • Since we are fundamentally a transformational and mindset based company we provide courses for your corporate teams that are designed around mindset training. Alternatively we would suggest to use our trademarked Luminary Effect mindset course.

  • Corporate Retreats

    • These niche packages are individually designed for your upper management team members. What can we say, we pride ourselves in providing upmarket life changing, life builds as well as team builds to corporates with our unique flair. Look no further.

Our Seminars

Bringing you some of the BEST speakers on topics that we guarantee will educate and provide an opportunity to change your life financially AND spiritually. Om Your Life have labored long and hard to bring each target market exactly what it is looking for. Whether it be investment opportunities, start up entrepreneurial advice or a spiritual quest we have the answers.

  • Worthy to Wealthy

  • R0 - 695Once off
    • Entrepreneurial & Mindset
    • Find Your Why
    • Start Up “To Do’s”
    • Limiting Beliefs
    • Changing Mindset


  • R0 - 695Once off
    • Spiritual & Lifestyle
    • Consciousness
    • Trauma Handling
    • Fear Vs Love
    • Quantum Universe


  • R0 - 695Once off
    • Alternative & Educational
    • Lets Talk Cancer
    • Alternative Healing
    • Vibrational Frequency
    • Plant Healers


  • R0 - 695Once off
    • Social Dev & Investment
    • Permaculture
    • Land Regeneration
    • Sustainable Dev
    • Green Living


  • R0 - 695Once off
    • Conservation & Investment
    • Game Management Service
    • Trust Fund Opportunity
    • Educating our people
    • Conscious Social Development